Cold Chain Federation is working in partnership with associate member Licence Bureau Limited, the country’s leading provider of secure driver licence checks, to provide the Cold Chain Federation Driver Licence Checking Service.

What is the Cold Chain Federation Driver Licence Checking Service?

The Driver Licence Checking Service allows you to quickly perform licence checks for all your drivers against current records, which are continually and automatically re-checked for you.

This system ensures you’re constantly informed of all relevant compliance issues, so you’re in control of managing your drivers, vehicle, fleet, costs and risks.

How will you benefit from taking this service?

Members of the service will benefit from access to daily driver reports, which include information on items such as licence status, category detail, and details of disqualifications, expiry alerts and more.

Manage – the online compliance managed services portal not only gives you the information and reports you require, it also provides you with control over your alerts and actions.

Peace of mind – you can be assured that leading industry experts are carrying out the checks correctly and in accordance with the law.

Risk reduction – the service will help you remain compliant.

Time saving – allowing us to do this time-consuming work reduces the hassle of you finding resource within your own company.

Corporate Social Responsibly – A donation will be made to Transaid for every Licence checked that has been registered by a Cold Chain Federation member.

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